Children can be, and should be, taught the proper way to handle and hold puppies to avoid serious injury to the pups.
KayJo Kennel is run out of my home in Buckfield, Maine which is situated on 2+ acres.

​ I own 7 Pugs at this time; 3 girls, 2 boys (A 13 yr old girl and 2.5 year old~ retired)

​They have a room of their own in my house, aptly named, "The Pug Pen".
​ My Pugs are crate trained and are crated anytime that I am not home and can not take them with me. They spend most of the time in my kitchen.

About KayJo Pugs
I would NEVER knowingly sell puppies to pet stores or puppy mills. 
I try to screen all my potential puppy buyers to make sure that my puppies go to the best home possible. I try to impress upon my new puppy owners that it is important to stay in touch with me and to update me on the health and welfare of the pups as they grow. This isn't because I don't trust the new owners to do a good job, but it is vital to my breeding program and it is the only way I will have accurate answers to give the next owners as to any possible issues in my lines.​ Should a hereditary issue appear in my lines, it may be this communication that brings it to my attention.
I require a Spay/Neuter Contract for ANY puppy that is not being used for breeding. I urge everyone to do their "due diligence" before placing a deposit with anyone, including myself. Do NOT sign any contract, including mine, without reading it first, if you don't understand any or all of it, I'll explain it, and other breeders should, as well.  All of my pups are from RFK or AKC registered parents,  I do not register every litter. I only register a litter if I plan to keep one or if another breeder has purchased one.

                STUD SERVICE

If you are interested in Stud Service for your female, please call or email me (or message me if you're on Facebook) the Pedigree of your female and when she will be in heat​​ next, so that we can plan accordingly. I prefer the Bitch be brought to me and left for 4-5 days while being bred, you may bring her over everyday and take her home, or back to the hotel, everyday if you prefer. Insemination fee is $2000 or 1-2 puppies, depending upon the agreement.
*****I am posting this to any potential puppy buyers: You are required to READ/FILL OUT/SIGN the Puppy Application. The Application is an "initial contract" ... some folks are so excited to get a pup that they do not fully read, nor remember what they have signed.
Just so that there are NO gray areas.... You will be agreeing to: DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE TAKEN, do NOT ask for it back ....If any type of refund is discussed or initiated BY SELLER, the SELLER has up to 12 months after the date the refund was agreed upon, to comply with said refund, initialing and then signing, a contract that clearly states : IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CARE FOR YOUR PUP/DOG AT ANY TIME, THE PUP/DOG IS NOT TO BE GIVEN AWAY OR SOLD TO A THIRD PARTY. SAID PUP/DOG IS TO BE RETURNED TO THE BREEDER....

I have recently been made aware that someone has relinquished ownership of one of my pups to the animal shelter!!!! Because of this, my method of "qualifying" potential owners has changed and is now more strict.********** 

​I try to get all puppies to the vet for a health check, (sometimes the vet will cancel or reschedule my appt. that conflcts with the date the pups are to leave). They listen to the heart and lungs, they check the joints for luxation. All pups leaving the country receive a Health Certificate which is good for 10 days from the date issued. (This certificate is necessary if the pup is to be shipped out of the country) 
 We strive to produce puppies that are healthy and disease free. I do not consider my puppies a burden and I have no problem keeping them longer than 8 wks as long as prior arrangements have been made.
All puppies receive doses of Strongid (worm medicine) at 2wks, 4 wks, 6 wks, and 8​ wks. They receive their first Distemper shot 7 wks and 4 days, this way if they have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, I can get them back to the vet and get them taken care of.


KellieAnn Jordan
110 Jordan Rd
Buckfield, ME 04220

207-330-8515 ​​​​
KellieAnn Jordan
110 Jordan Rd
Buckfield, ME 04220